My name is Yaroslav Golubev, I am a senior researcher in the Machine Learning Methods in Software Engineering group at JetBrains Research, under the supervision of Timofey Bryksin.
I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics and a Master’s degree in Laser Technologies from ITMO University, I am currently getting a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Herzen University and plan to purse a PhD in Computer Science in the near future.

The overarching theme of my studies is mining large corpora of existing source code and analyzing them to discover various patterns and dependencies, better understand how developers write software, and create tools that can help them do it more efficiently. While I was lucky to participate in a number of practical collaborations, my personal interest leans closer to the analytical and the descriptive side of things. Oftentimes, I also help my colleagues in designing their studies and writing papers. My main interests in the domain of software engineering are:

  • code clones,
  • open-source software licenses,
  • code changes (patterns and automatic fixes),
  • refactorings,
  • test smells,

however, since I assist in a lot of different projects, I enjoyed the privilege of learning about and touching on all kinds of subjects, like embeddings of code, bug triage, serverless computing, and others. I also sometimes teach classes, advise students, and serve at various conferences.

My main hobby outside the realm of software engineering is studying Chinese language and sharing with people how awesome it is. I also care deeply about Eastern philosophy — mainly, Taoism, Buddhism, and Ājīvika, — and enjoy philosophy in general. Finally, while I am not an avid traveler, I did write down all the places where I have been.

Feel free to drop me a line using any of the links on the left!